A Smashing Great Time!

↘ 24.08.16

Kute Cake Stylish

A photo shoot is never going to be straightforward but throw in an intrigued and excited 2 year old, then we have a recipe for chaos!

The day of the shoot was here and I was nervously excited, I had waited a long time for this. This was one chance to bring to life the artful and playful creativity which runs through Kute. It isn’t only the cupcake flavours that need to be centre stage, but more so a story from the pastel, artful colours used for the brand to the artisan, playful finishes on our cupcakes, all an inspiration from a beautiful journey close to my 2 year old daughter, Zoya.

So off we went in a taxi, with Zoya and the cupcakes in tow. I was nervous, wondering about the fate of the cupcakes, in case the taxi slammed its brakes on too hard! But we made it to the studio with all of us intact... phew! The photo shoot went on, props and flowers were carefully selected and the art direction was in full swing. Each cake was twisted and turned and topped, over and over again, to get the perfect shot. With each twist and turn, Zoya had to be kept at bay and entertained too, keeping her busy required creative direction of its own!

It was a long day, but lots of fun and certainly a new experience to work together with photographers, designers and PR alike. The time and effort that was put in was rewarded with a handful of stunning shots. But something was missing from these shots, the over-arching inspiration behind Kute Cake, which was Zoya. I now felt guilty at keeping her at bay, so it was time to let Zoya play at her own will and let her fun really begin! It was chaos and cupcakes were everywhere, as we all ended up playing with her, smashing cupcakes. Lo behold a beautiful memory is captured which illustrates the smashing great time we all had! 



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