Cupcakes Are Everywhere Right?

↘ 12.08.16

There is a saying “never judge a book by its cover”. The same can be said for our cupcakes. There is an impression out there that cupcakes are too sweet, too boring or all too similar. But here at Kute we wanted to break away from the usual and bring together cupcakes like you’ve never had before; maybe a cupcake revolution?

My passion for baking and experimenting in my home kitchen had turned into serious culinary experiments. Intense flavours were carefully put together from fresh fruits, tropical fruits, spices and wholesome natural ingredients. The Magnificent 7 were born.

It was then time to let Londoners experience our sweet treats. St Pancras has been our main hub so far with pop ups for taster sessions. It was a nerving moment to introduce yet more cupcakes to the capital but then something remarkable happened! People would return and talk so passionately about how different our cupcakes tasted, the intensity of the flavours and how unique they look.

Kute is re-defining what is possible with mainstream desserts and sweet flavours, truly a refreshing and stylish experience, keeping it natural, fresh and yet simple, as we want to stand out in the crowd! From the individual handcrafted recipes, to the artisan ingredients, to the elegant packaging, we do it right. You certainly don’t want to miss these cupcakes!



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Cupcakes Are Everywhere Right?

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