Meet the Magnificent 7. Individually crafted cupcakes for a modern, stylish and contemporary treat using natural and fresh artisan ingredients. Make your selection and we'll deliver them in our beautiful packaging.

Kute Cake Almond

ALMOND - £3.00


Toasted almond, Morello cherry and aromatic cinnamon. It’s our unique twist on the classic Bakewell.

Kute Cake Banana

BANANA - £3.00


Fresh ripened bananas and caramelised hazelnuts. If you don't like banana, it might surprise you!

Kute Cake Chocolate



Chocolate, mmmmmm dark and decadent. It can change your mood.

Kute Cake Lemon

LEMON - £3.00


Lemon with blueberry. Tangy and sweet, creamy and refreshing.

Kute Cake Mango

MANGO - £3.00


Natural mango and dark chocolate. No artificial colours, the yellow is just the mango!

Kute Cake Red Velvet

RED VELVET - £3.00


A classic from the American deep south. We’ve got it right, simply delicious.

Kute Cake Vanilla

VANILLA - £3.00


Smooth Madagascan vanilla and a dark chocolate crunch. A classic made modern.

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