Life after Lockdown!

↘ 30.07.21

Social occasions are always memorable and bring joy especially with life after lockdown. So why not host a garden tea party and enjoy quality time with friends and family. To make it fun why not pick a theme Alice in Wonderland or The Great Gatsby! Have a dress code a good excuse to dress up after living in joggers for a year. Now is a good time to find some ornate pieces and mismatched china in charity shops and car boot sales. Set your table up with your treasured finds and decorate your garden with bunting or string garden light bulbs. Use wild flowers from your walks and scented candles to add ambience. Pick music and games suitable for all ages so everyone can have fun once the food has been eaten

The Menu – fruit and plain scones with generous dollops of clotted cream and lots of fruity jams! Classic finger sandwiches - cucumber, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise, cheese pickle, add some falafels and chicken wraps too. Classic and fruity teas, cordials, sparkling drinks, savoury treats and a huge assortment of cakes. 

Why not get in touch for a bespoke service we can help you create a Kute dessert bar for your garden tea party and celebrate with gorgeous treats, assorted cupcakes, brownies and cookies that will taste oh so yummy!  


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↘ 30.07.21

Life after Lockdown!

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